Week 5- MCing an event! Interviews! Being prepared!


This week we had our two newbies jump from the frying pan right into the fire! Josh was our MC and looked like he been doing it half his life.  Sara jumped right in with her first speech and even brought props!  Daphne gave her first speech too and wowed us!

Paula Howley, Head Start Public speaking for kids, kids public speaking expert

Like a duck to water










The kids got to know each other better by interviewing each other in preparation for their next challenge where they will be doing in depth interviews of other people.

Next week our MC is Meaghan and she wants everybody to dress up in costumes! We are going to have tons of fun!

Our table topics curator will be Nigel.

Our word of the day will be Rathlin.

Our class clown will be Hazel.

Our Quizzer will be Daphne

Sarah will be our timer.

And our final presentations will be from Jake, Josh and Coen!

Brook will be our improv leader and I know we’re going to have a great time!


This week Liina was our table topics curator but she couldn’t make it. However, she showed us a great example of being prepared by sending in her questions ahead of time! They were fantastic questions Liina, with an exciting disaster theme which the students were really enthusiastic about !  Well done.

We had FIRST presentations from Lucy and Maria. Fantastic job ladies!  It was great getting to know you both better and I look forward to hearing more this year!

Paula Howley, Head Start Public speaking for kids, kids public speaking expert

Talking about her forever home, it’s Lucy!

Also thanks to Oskar for saving the day recording Maria’s speech when my ipad got full!!!!

MCing an Event

We talked a little bit about how to MC an event this week because several of the students WILL be MCing one of our public events later in the season!  Oskar knew the answer to the question “what’s the most important thing about MCing an event?”

The answer?

Your audience! Great intuition Oskar!

When you’re MCing it’s really important to keep the energy and the enthusiasm of the audience high. We want them to feel glad they came! And remember it’s your job to make your speakers look good, so know the name of the speakers, AND the name of their speeches.  Always lead in applause!

So taking this advice to heart and MCing next week will be Georgia!  Expecting a FUN time!

Table topics curator will be Lucy.

Word of the day will be Bella.

Simon will be our class clown.

Jonah will be our Quizzer.

Maria will be our timer.

And presentations will be from Max and Oscar with the possibility of Brandalyn too!.

Iris will be our improv leader leader and if you guys want, you can dress up in costume as well so come in your regular clothes or come in your crazy clothes!

Regardless we’re gonna have a great time. See you next week!