SPEAK UP! Use your voice!

This week the whole wide world watched the U.S. use and not use their voices.  It’s SUPER important to know how to speak up in this world, and the more you can use the awesome instrument that your voice is, the more success you will have.

That includes having EMOTION in your voice when you speak so people will FEEL your passion!  So we practised that this week and it was hilarious and fun and empowering watching everyone convey their emotions!  WAY TO GO GUYS!!!

Nigel gave his second presentation which was about interviewing a total stranger.  He said that last year he was nervous but this year he was not nervous at all!  AWESOMENESS.

Daphne told us about the unbelievable adventures of her grandpa and his story should legit be made into a book.

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Next week:

MC: Daphne

Table Topics: Jake

Word of Day: Josh

Class Clown:  Sara

Quizzer:  Meaghan

Timer:  Nigel

Presentations:  Rathlin,  Brook,  Hazel

Improv Game:  Coen



Gibsons did a great job of using their voices in the exercise too and in fact wanted to do an extra round!

Jonah was our MC this week and did a nice job- especially considering it was his first time in a few years.  Way to go Jonah.  🙂

Lucy gave her second speech which was about her grandma who sounded like a really interesting woman and Iris had to interview a complete stranger and did a great job!








Next Week:

MC:  Iris

Table Topics:  MAX

Word of Day:  Oskar

Class Clown:Lucy (you can do it Lucy!)

Quizzer: Brandalyn

Timer:  Madeline

Presentations:  Maria, Liina,  Simon

Improv Game:  Jonah


Bring it on guys!!!!!!!!!!!