What are you so afraid of???

We are gearing up to do our THIRD presentation which is about FEAR.  Why are we talking about fear?  Because there is a lot of fear in the world about public speaking and in general, and talking about it can help us deal with that fear.  Also, sharing our fears is a good way to see that we are VERY alike as human beings.

Feeling fear isn’t something we like to do, but if we can recognize WHAT it feels like and stand in it and SPEAK through it, we’ll see that we’re not going to die from public speaking!  And we can remember that every time!  And as we do that, our fear will diminish every time.


And Gibsons, I thought you guys epitomized what this lesson is about this week.  You were superstars.  heartstar

I was really blown away by the honest sharing that happened in the group.  You guys opened up to each other to discuss fears and I was really impressed by the fact that you wanted to continue on and share your personal fears with each other.  It really shows a huge level of trust.

I honestly felt our group bond a little harder this week and I’m super proud of you all!  Thank you for being such an awesome group of kids!

Head Start Public Speaking For Kids with Paula Howley


Maria did a fine job during her first shot as MC and we had a wild Improv game!

Next week is EGG ROULETTE.  Don’t wear your best clothes! 

Next week’s roster:

MC – Liina, who is going to ROCK it because she is made of horse-riding gymnastics guts and magic.

Table Topics Curator  – Iris the clever pink lady

Word of the Day  –  Lucy!  I’m home!

Class Clown  –  Jonah who is going to channel his inner clown

Quizzer  –  Simon because he has good questions when he remembers to ask them!

Timer  –  Bella because she will be adjusting from her exhausting trip to Greece

Presentations- Oskar!  Max!  Madeline!  Brandalyn!

Improv Game –  Maria!



I also want to commend you all for your honesty this week talking about your fears.  It is SUPER BRAVE to be vulnerable with people you’re not yet close with and I think you are superstars for doing this too.  The tighter this group is, the better we get.

Once in a while we have a class that’s a bit off.  We had weird lighting this week so that may have contributed to it.  It’s so important though, to remember to not chit chat while someone else is speaking.  Please show each other respect and caring by giving your undivided attention.  I know you guys can do it.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures this week but the lighting was so TERRIBLE that you all look like you’re hiding in the shadows.

FYI Sechelt, I will be having a couple of fellas coming next week to do some filming for a youtube video I am having put together.  Class will be a normal class, we just want some footage of everyday life in class.  It will be fun so be prepared!

Also, EGG ROULETTE for us too!

MC COEN who is our last person to MC!

Table Topics Curator  JOSH – I can’t WAIT to hear this lol

Word of the Day  JAKE –  tell us something good Jake

Class Clown   DAPHNE  – make us laugh!

Quizzer  HAZEL – to show us what a good listener is

Timer   RATHLIN  – right  on time

Presentations   NIGEL  RATHLIN  JAKE

Improv Game   BROOK   who is going to take control of the night (pick any game you like Brook)