Breathing and Power Posing to combat public speaking fear!

We are nearing our first Presentation Night so I want to give my students some very practical advice on how to handle the fear of standing before an audience.

Practising your presentation really is everything, and the more you practise, the better you will feel and be able to handle yourself.
But when you actually get up in front of that crowd and your heart starts pounding and you start to freak out, what do you do?

This is the simplest but one of the most effective tools.  It’s also an easy one to forget in the moment of panic.  lol  When you get up in front of that crowd, take a moment and take a deep breath. This will literally slow your heart down and ground you.   It will calm you down and tell your body that everything is ok and you are NOT being chased by a saber-toothed tiger, you are just giving a public presentation!

Just BEFORE your presentation (or ANY job interview or swim meet or race etc) do your POWER POSE.

Paula Howley expert on public speaking for kids

THIS is a power pose! Can’t you just FEEL the testosterone?

This pose literally tricks your body into thinking it is more confident than it is and it releases confidence hormones, testosterone!  Crazy right?  If you can do this for 2 minutes before you go on, it will make you feel more confident and perform better!

So I have some DELICIOUS NEWS.  I know not all the parents are down with bubble gum as prizes for table topics and word of the day wins so I have contacted my friends at Artisan’s Way Organics for help!  Brian Merkosky has set us up with some single serving raw, organic, fair trade chocolates sweetened with honey instead of sugar!  Oh my, they are sooooo delicious I have to stop myself from eating the kids’ prizes.  Thanks so much Brian!

best chocolate on the Coast! Artisan's Way!

best chocolate on the Coast! Artisan’s Way!


This week coming up is our Winter Break PAR-TAY folks, so don’t forget to bring a little something to share and I will bring gluten free yummies (I promise they will be yummy) and drinks!

Also, we will be having table topics, presentations, and your favourite games!  Yes!!!!


Congratulations to Nigel for becoming the SECOND student to complete the Handbook For Awesomeness BONUS CHALLENGE!!  So glad you felt so prepared in class because of Head Start!

MC  Nigel

Table Topics Curator  Jake

Improv Game  Sara

Presentations   Josh  Meaghan,  Daphne,  Coen,  Rathlin


GibsonsHead Start Public Speaking for Kids with Paula Howley

Congratulations to Bella for her first time MCing- I knew it would be fun!

MC  Max

Presentations   Simon   Oskar  Brandalyn  Georgia   Maria


See you this week everyone!