After School Classes

Head Start – A Path to Awesomeness

What’s the most important skill that LIFE requires?


At Head Start, we encourage kids to talk about what’s important to them and why it’s important!

And this is where the awesomeness happens.

Kids who take public speaking take more chances. They ask for what they need. They speak up for themselves and others. They become leaders.

Program Details

Head Start is a 32 week course unlike anything that is being offered in North America.

Incorporating ideas from revolutionary creatives and educators, we have created the Head Start Handbook For Awesomeness. Using this handbook with Paula Howley’s custom designed curriculum and Paula’s encouraging rapport with students, kids learn to push their boundaries to discover their AWESOMENESS through fun, creative, fear-busting challenges and class presentations.

What to Expect In Class

A fun and encouraging place to learn:

• how to develop their voice and define what is important to them

• how to effectively work through their fears

• the crucial skill of impromptu speaking- thinking on their feet

• how to organize their thoughts

• how to express themselves in an engaging way.

• how to listen to and evaluate others

• how to introduce themselves

• the ideas that they want to share with the world

Coast Schedule

Sechelt: Wed. 5 – 6:30 Gibsons Thurs. 5 – 6:30 9 week Workshops on Demand


$75 per month. $10 discount on your 2nd child if enrolling 2 or more from your family!

50% off your next month if you refer a new student!

Class Size

Enrolment is limited to 15 per class. These spaces fill quickly, so sign up today.

Our Guarantee

If your child attends regularly and does all of the challenges in the Head Start Handbook For Awesomeness, we guarantee you will see a transformed person. A person who is prepared to walk through their fear to have their voice heard. A person with greater perspective and more empathy. A person with a unique voice and opinions you may never have otherwise known about. It is priceless.