Are you headed to the International Independent School’s Public Speaking Competition?  Competitive speaking is its own beautiful monster that you can learn to ride and conquer! Having participated in over 50 speaking competitions, I can help you work with that monster till you’re walking on the beach holding hands with it.

Do you have an important presentation coming up? Perhaps a TED-X Youth or Kids? Valedictorian speech? Let’s turn it up a notch to make you memorable and stand out in the crowd!

How about a Spoken Word performance? I can help you strengthen your writing AND your delivery to blow away your audience!

Here is 13 year old Head Start student Nadia Behji at the 2015 Sunshine Coast Spoken Word Festival with a beautiful written piece of work she produced. Enjoy her words.

One on one is where we get the most done. Contact me Hey Hey Paula for a free consultation to see whether we are a good fit.