My friend Darren LaCroix, 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking has this mantra: “Stage time, stage time, stage time.”  The more we speak, the better we get. The better we get, the more confident we are.  The more confident we are, the more we seek opportunity rather than just letting it happen.

Head Start’s workshops are an exciting introduction to public speaking.  Kids will get the tools they need to overcome fear, to find their voices and speak with more confidence.

Our Awesome Workshops

Students will have a ton of fun while improving their presentation skills.  They can spin the “Table Topics Wheel” and have so much fun learning impromptu speaking they’ll walk right through their fear!  They’ll learn how to find ideas for, create and structure a presentation. They will learn how to project their voice, and effectively use body language.  There’s also a focus on vocabulary, listening, and evaluating as well as leadership skills.

Students will receive daily feedback on their strengths and positive suggestions on how to improve.

Each student gives a final presentation for parents and friends and receives a certificate of completion.  All speeches are recorded on a private youtube link.

Give your kids the Head Start they need!

Public speaking is life-altering.  When young people learn to speak and to listen together as a group, it changes the way they look at themselves and each other.  Developing one’s voice as a youth and hearing the stories of others who speak infuses one with power and compassion as an adult.  And don’t we want adults with those qualities?

Workshop Fees

Fees vary according to the number of students per class and sessions desired. We recommend  the 9 week workshop but can modify it to a minimum of 6 sessions and a maximum of 12.  

The 9 week workshop is $990 per class.