Public speaking skills changed my world!

When I was 16 years old, the only direction I had in life was directions to next weekend’s party.  I got all my confidence from lipstick and liquor.

Luckily for me, a teacher saw something in me and encouraged me to enter a public speaking contest.

For the first time ever, I really thought about what was important to me and what I wanted to say to the world.  Then, writing that speech and practising it tested my diligence.

But delivering it publicly, sharing my thoughts with a crowd of strangers, changed everything.  Getting up on stage and sharing myself gave me the confidence to do hard, scary things.

Public speaking changed the way I thought about myself forever.  

And being able to give that gift to kids now is three galaxies past sublime.

Public speaking is the most common fear in the world.  It holds people back from so much in life. But this fear can understood and walked through.  And that’s the process at Head Start Public Speaking For Kids.

Kids are fun.  I’m immature.  We get each other.

Paula Howley

Kids are fun and I like hanging around with them.  I also LOVE helping them become the best version of themselves.

Have you ever seen someone who is afraid and unsure of themselves become a person who understands that their voice is important and isn’t afraid to use it?  It is AWESOME in the truest sense of the word.

I’ll never forget Ella.  She was 14 and had very little confidence when we started working together.  But slowly she found her groove.  When she and I finished she told me…

“I’m trying out for the lead in the school play!  I never would have done that before this opportunity Paula.”

Are you kidding me?  I LIVE for this stuff!!!!

 I know a couple of things…

8 years in Toastmasters International – Advanced Leader & Communicator

Youth Leadership Coordinator for Toastmasters District 96, 2014-2016

Coached by numerous World Champions of Public Speaking

Level 1 & 2 Coaching certification from the Canadian Coaching Federation.

Former gymnastics coach with the Niagara Falls Lightning Gymnastics Club

I’ve won a few awards…

Sechelt & District Chamber Business Excellence Award 2016/17 – Home Based Business

Toastmasters (TM) 2014 2nd place Vancouver International Speech Competition (ISC)

TM 2013 2nd place Vancouver ISC

TM 2012 1st place Vancouver ISC

TM 2012 Top Ten Finalist in British Columbia ISC

TM 2012 1st place Sunshine Coast ISC

TM 2011 1st place Vancouver Humorous Speech Competition

TM 2011 3rd place British Columbia HSC

2012 Outstanding Toastmaster Award

About me, personally

Originally from Windsor Ontario, I’ve been on the Coast with my husband Lloyd for 14 years so only 11 more years until I’m considered a local. Lloyd works for BC Ferries, has a property maintenance business and is a wood carver in the Kwakwak’wa tradition.

We have a 10 year old daughter, Meaghan who is a firecracker.  I call her ‘indefatigable-on-steroids’.  She’s pretty awesome.

Here’s my pride and joy Meaghan, at only 6 years old giving a kids’ humorous speech for a crowd of 60 at a Storytelling Event. I was proud to coach such a great student!


I’m a homeschooling mom who vacillates between organic and junk food.  In everything it seems, I alternate between very serious and very silly.  I love writing and creating things where there was once nothing.  I plan to try my hand at stand up comedy one day and I hope to walk the Camino de Santiago before my knees give out.
I’ve used the tools of public speaking to overcome a difficult and scandalous past which I’d be happy to share with you personally if you ask and I’m tickled to be able to pass these skills on to others.

Finally, I believe:

Every child is a magnificent work of unrepeatable, unique energy and talent.

Every child has a story of value and the right to tell that story and be heard.

Children’s voices have been stifled and that their voices and stories are important.

Developing their voice as a youth and hearing the stories of others infuses kids with power and compassion!

And I love coaching kids into their confidence.  It’s like magic.  It is an indescribable joy.  To have me make a change in your child’s life sign up with Head Start Public Speaking For Kids.