About Paula Howley

Coaching kids into confidence


Purveyor of Awesomeness at Head Start Public Speaking For Kids. I have had many varied and unusual life experiences which have shown me a great spectrum of humanity and the importance of speaking up to claim your space in the world. I am an expert in the field of pushing through fear to find and use your authentic voice both with kids and adults.

I have worked with kids as a gymnastics coach and speaking coach for over 10 years and have a great rapport with them as I respect them deeply as human beings and value their thoughts and feelings. Kids feel comfortable with me and I consider it a privilege that they share their worldviews with me. Head Start is a safe space to share.

Paula Howley - Public Speaker - Vancouver, Sunshine Coast BC
I believe ...
Every child is a magnificent work of unrepeatable, unique energy and talent.
Every child has a story of value and the right to tell that story and be heard.
When a child develops their voice and hears the stories of others, it empowers them with compassion & through this they will change the world.
Paula Howley began Head Start Public Speaking in 2013

Hundreds of kids have been through the Head Start Public Speaking For Kids program and it has been one of the most satisfying endeavours of my life. Kids have come to me years later, thanking me for guiding them to their authentic voice. Some of my students have gone on to Ambassadorships for numerous organizations resulting in world travel and invaluable life experiences and friendships. Some have interviewed their heroes like top graphic designers, politicians and the general manager of an NHL team. The best thing is that they understand their potential is unlimited and that getting to know someone is just a conversation away.

I am a writer, comic, performer and a mom, with a 14 year-old daughter whom I home schooled for 7 years. She spent 5 years in my program and is one of the best public speakers I know, child or adult.

I have over 10 years experience with Toastmasters, with 2 years as the Youth Leadership Coordinator for Vancouver and surrounding area. I’ve conducted multiple workshops with Rotary and Girl Guides. There are numerous awards under my belt as a speaker, writer and comedian and I have worked with multiple world champions of public speaking to develop my own skills. Speaking has brought me into many different worlds and I respect each and every human being as someone with the potential for Awesomeness.

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