Transform your child's confidence through the power of public speaking

Coaching Kids into Confidence – (And our COVID RESPONSE)

Public Speaking Classes on line World Wide


Head Start Public Speaking For Kids is much more than standing at the front of a room and talking. We ask kids to think about important questions like ‘Who are you?’ and ‘What’s important to you and why?’ Self reflection is a powerful tool. Thinking and writing about these questions can clarify our values and help us turn towards our path in life!

We help and encourage your child bring their unique voice into the world. To embrace and embody ALL of themselves in a fun and safe environment.

SAFETY now means physical safety also!  Because of Covid, we are currently offering after school classes and workshops for students grades 4 & up ON LINE and world wide!

We will consider teaching live school workshops if there are adequate safety measures taken.

Public Speaking after-school classes and workshops for kids


Nothing builds self confidence like discovering your AWESOMENESS. Our program helps kids build self confidence, overcome shyness, look people in the eye comfortably, talk with people they don’t know, work with adults like counsellors and teachers and take leadership roles in school projects and in their life!

What parents say about the Head Start Public Speaking for Kids program

“My son LOVES this program! Watching him speak his truth in the public light is incredible! I well up thinking about how great it’s has been for him! Paula gives them real tools and support that they can apply to all aspects of their lives. Love love LOVE!” – Angela Rae. Mom, Entrepreneur

“We are noticing the effect of your work with our students transitioning in so many other areas right across the curriculum. Kids have been working on speeches about passion and are so confident presenting their Science Fair projects… so cool… and we miss you!” – Barry Krangle, Cedar Grove Principal

“If I was to chose just ONE activity for my kids… this would be it!!! They LAUGH, they LEARN, and they love it! It has enriched all areas of their lives!” – Dagmar Lynch. Mom, Entrepreneur

“Paula, thank you for all you do for our kids- public speaking, social work, soul guide! These kids blossom under your care and inspiration!”  – Frances Foran. Mom of 4

“Head start has supported our previously shy daughter to find her voice and use her creativity in positive ways. This has resulted in increased confidence at school and being confident about speaking in front of groups. This is a great program and I truly believe every child would benefit from it.”  – Cari Miller, Mom and entrepreneur and Rob Miller, Dad, Order of Canada Recipient



When I was a teen the only direction in life I had was directions to next weekend’s party. Until a teacher saw my potential and encouraged me to take up public speaking. Learning how to think about who I was and what was important to me and figuring out how to say it publicly changed the way I thought about myself forever! I knew I could do this ‘difficult’ and valued thing called public speaking and that my voice was important. My passion is creating the safe space and guidance for our children to find their voice.

Paula Howley - Founder/Ringleader - Head Start Public Speaking for Kids
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