The Head Start Curriculum Outline

Public Speaking Programs for Kids

At Head Start Public Speaking For Kids, we encourage kids to talk about the ideas that are important to them and why they’re important! And this is where the awesomeness happens. Kids who take public speaking take more chances. They ask for what they need. They speak up for themselves and others. They become leaders.

We also confront fear in fun and unforgettable ways. When kids learn to focus on what fear is, how it feels and what pushing through it is like, they know they can do it in all areas of their lives. This translates to taking more chances in life and taking more chances always means more success! We encourage them to reach out to people they might not have considered before to learn more about others. Listening to the stories of other kids, adults and experts in the fields they are interested in expands their world exponentially. It develops compassion, awareness and social circles!



After school classes run from September to May in Vancouver and the BC Sunshine Coast.



Our 12 Week Workshops are provided in schools, for youth groups and home school groups. They run for 12 weeks each.



Our one-day Workshops are a great introduction to public speaking. Suitable for grades 4 & up.

And of course, we teach the crucial tools of public speaking. Not just to audiences but one on one. Kids will learn how to introduce themselves with a good handshake, implement eye contact, body language, variety in vocals and the expansion of vocabulary. They will learn how to create a good presentation, how to tell a good story, and how to speak on the spot. They will learn to give feedback in an encouraging way, become better listeners and develop leadership skills. And most of all, they will have fun doing it!

Curriculum Outline

Our curriculum has been tested over the years. Studied world-changing leaders, speakers, educators, entrepreneurs and artists and implemented this knowledge into the curriculum.

The entire Head Start curriculum spans four years. Kids may join for a term or complete the entire curriculum based on their needs and desires.

Head Start Public Speaking For Kids has won a Business Excellence Award and has helped hundreds of kids walk through their fear and into their confidence.


Year One is an introduction to self and public speaking. Using the Handbook For Awesomeness and the newly published “Speaking Tips for Awesomeness”, kids will develop self awareness and awareness of others. They will learn the basics of public speaking, confidence building, how to effectively confront fear and learn how to tell a good story.


Year Two will develop these skills on a deeper level and challenge students to dig deep within themselves. They will be asked to speak to more people, observe and listen to others more comprehensively and to bring their personalities out more fully in presentations.


Years Three and Four will have students working out of the Advanced Handbook For Awesomeness. This time is used as more practical preparation for life like job interviewing skills, learning how to ask for what you want and networking to develop professional social circles.

Free Public Speaking Tip Sheet for Kids
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